Do you have the perfect business or project & need the perfect domain?

If so, perhaps you’ll find your perfect domain listed below. Please make reasonable offers, don’t use the site to promote your political views. This is not about politics, it’s about domain names & getting them to people who will use them going forward. Thanks.


All domains can have reasonable offers made on them. For the higher priced domains that are $25,000 or more, let’s see if we can come to an agreement on the price and payments to be made for them. I’ll keep ownership of the domain until you’re done paying. You’ll receive a statement of promise to release/transfer once payments are completed.

I’d prefer the get the price listed as the value of a domain can go much higher once it is bought and marketed for a new project. I do not want any future revenues from these domains, once you purchase (paid completely) one you own the rights to it completely.

However, for those priced higher I am willing to take reasonable offers for them, including some payments as well, while I maintain ownership of the domain but point the domain name services so that you can use the domain until you’ve paid it off.


To ensure a smooth fast transfer of this domain with no additional fees, you can go to:
SNAGADOMAIN.COM & create a free account. On the website, look to the right of the LOGIN button. Click the RED, CREATE ACCOUNT link. Create your free account & copy the account number. When I reach out to you to transfer the domain to you once your payment has cleared, I’ll need that number to transfer the domain to you. There is no charge for this.

**IF you need to transfer the domain to another registrar, there will be a charge by your registrar and there may be delays in the transfer which are out of my control. Generally the transfer charges to other registrars are $14.00 – 29.95 which are out of my control. This is why I offer the Snagadomain option above. That site which is my GoDaddy reseller site has been around over 13 years and will allow you to use the domain sooner than any other option.

To see less domains on the page, look below & click on a LETTER or NUMBER & you’ll see those items that start with those letters or numbers. To see the rest of the list again, click the ALL button.

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